Find the best mortgage for your upcoming pcs

If you have been informed that a permanent change of station or relocation is in your plans, you have a lot to think about...

First and foremost is the resettlement of your family. You're certainly going to have a lot of questions:

  • Which neighborhoods and schools will be a good fit for my children?
  • Can I afford the neighborhood I want?


PCSing? Buying a home? Selling a home? Those are all stressful events!


I’VE BEEN THERE. I am a combat veteran (OIF and OEF). Five years ago, I transitioned out of the military and began a career in home financing. Why mortgages? Because I remember how stressful it was going through the process especially while PCSing. My last PCS was in 2008 and we bought a house from the jump. The jargon was confusing and I didn’t really understand the process, but I did it and am now inspired to help make the process easier for everyone who is trying to obtain or has obtained a VA home loan. I am a certified MME (military mortgage expert) and I can take the stress of buying a home – especially while moving – off your shoulders. Not only can I help you get into the right home for your financial needs and lifestyle, but I can help you understand the process and do it WITH you. As an ex enlisted active duty guy, I can say proudly that I always took care of my peers and the people under me (maybe some a stripe or 2 higher here and there too) but in reality, I have not had the best chance to continue doing so post separation… until now. Please let me help you with your home financing and let me guide you through the process and eliminate a lot of the stress that comes with it.

The key to finding the right loan is finding the right lender. 

Trust Centennial Lending Group to provide you with superior service and much more:

  • Fast and simple pre-qualification prior to beginning your home search allows you to look in the right price range
  • Receive a special discount for service members -- up to $500 towards closing costs
  • We'll find the right loan for your needs -- we offer VA loans, low down-payment loans, and programs for people with less than perfect credit
  • Each customer works with a dedicated mortgage consultant and dedicated loan processor
  • We have mortgage consultants fluent in English, Spanish and Turkish

Please don't hesitate to contact me personally at 201-400-7161 or