Matthew derrick

Senior Mortgage Consultant



NMLS #: 112232
Ohio License #: LO.030371.001

520 S Main Street, Suite 2511-I
Akron, OH 44322

Office: (215) 469- 1000 x.310
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The Centennial Lending Group, LLC WAY!

I have been in the mortgage industry every day since the Summer of 2002. I have such a passion to help prospective homebuyers and current home owners find the best option for their current financial position.  It is very difficult to find the correct mortgage advocate that will help you get financing in place. As you probably have seen recently it is important to understand the clients financial profile before making a loan decision.  My goal is to teach my clients the essential concepts about mortgage financing. It is very import to get accurate information and ask the correct questions to each client that I work with. Each Client is unique and I take pride in understanding what happened in the past and how the financial issue was resolved. 

Know Your Profile:

-Residence History, Employment history, Calculating Income, Credit & Liquid Assets. These sections to each client’s Individual profile is important to understand so you can put yourself in a position to qualify for the best loan products that you can qualify for. 

The Loan Products I Provide:

FHA, Conforming (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac), USDA (Rural Housing Programs), VA, Investor Loans, Rehab Loans, & also Jumbo Loans.

Each Client is looking to achieve a variety of different products that help them achieve financial freedom. My goal to help provide solutions to each of my clients and put them in a better financial position. 

I am looking forward to working with each unique individual’s situation to find the best loan program for them.

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