Congratulations on your decision to buy a home!  There are many important decisions and things to consider throughout the mortgage process.  Our exceptional customer service ensures that we will be with you until the closing is complete.  Our operation services are in-house which allows us to provide the control and speed for your mortgage needs -- invaluable when you need a quick turnaround on a loan, and we close loans for purchases in two to three weeks. 


Rest assured it is completely safe and secure. 

Click Full Application below to start your loan application.  Or just call Centennial Lending Group at 215-469-1000 and we will take the mortgage application for you. 

As you complete the application, please use your best estimate if documentation is not available. 

To start you will need: 

Documentation for all borrowers, including: 

  • Social Security Number
  • Contact and employment information
  • Best estimates of income, assets and liabilities

After you have finished we will contact you to:  

  • Guide you through the loan process
  • Complete your loan application package
  • Help you select the best program and interest rate

If you are interested in seeing what kind of loan you qualify for without spending the time on a full application please click short application below.